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Do you want more local traffic from your website?

A Hawaii Local SEO strategy is a mandatory for local businesses such as dry cleaners, plumbers, dentists, lawyers, restaurants, retailers and other local service providers.   Why is local online marketing mandatory?    Because   over 90% of consumers go online to do research before they make an offline purchase.

77% of mobile consumers take action after viewing information about a business from their mobile device.

Not too long ago, many consumers would find information they needed in the Yellow Pages.  However,   local online marketing has changed the way consumers look for information.   Did you know 92% of cell phone users keep their cell phone with them all day?   What’s even more shocking is that 44% of mobile users made an actual purchase after performing a local search on their mobile device.   Can you get the same interaction with a static phone book?   It’s highly unlikely.

Google Maps is the new phone book of the Internet

That’s why Google Maps and local search marketing are quickly replacing the already dead Yellow Pages.  However, Hawaii Local SEO is much more than putting your business information on the web.    To be effective at Local SEO it requires a dedicated skill and knowing the intricate details of what it takes to get your website ranked on the 1st page of all the major search engines.

Discover the many benefits of an effective local online marketing strategy

Once you have an effective Local SEO strategy in place you enjoy many benefits, which include but are not limited to:

Getting your website to appear on the 1st Page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing

• Increase the amount of local traffic to your website

• Increase the amount of   in “person” customers

• Increase the amount of sales

Discover the key elements to your Hawaii Local SEO success

When it comes to developing a Hawaii Local SEO strategy, there are certain things you must know to make sure you increase your chances of getting 1st page rankings.   There are many critical elements that go into an effective local online marketing campaign. That’s where we come in.    We have helped a wide variety of clients reach   1st page rankings because we know the details of what it takes to have an effective local SEO campaign.    Some of the important factors that play an important role in your local SEO strategy include but are not limited to the following:

Keyword Research

• Claiming or adding your Google, Yahoo and Bing profiles

• Optimizing all of your profiles with relevant keywords

• Adding consistent citations across a wide variety of websites

• Encouraging detailed reviews for an enhanced user experience

• Making your website user friendly, accessible and full of relevant content

In addition to Hawaii Local SEO, you still have to implement a lot of traditional SEO elements such as directory submissions, backlinks, onsite optimization and much more.    As you can see, to get a 1st page ranking requires much more than listing your business.   That’s why it’s important to hire  a Local SEO expert who has a  proven track record of helping  business  successfully implement their  local search marketing strategy.

Your customers are online searching for you.   Are you making it easy for them to find you?

Whether you are a local service provider, or an online business with no “in store” traffic, it’s very important that you develop a Hawaii Local SEO strategy to generate high quality leads, and increase sales.   The advancement of mobile devices such as cell phones, iPads, Kindles, and Tablets are changing the way how your customers search for your information.   If you don’t adapt to this growing trend, you will be left out with no customers, no sales, and no hope.    That’s why it’s very important for you to develop a local search marketing campaign that is designed to target your customers where they are already at; Online.

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